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"4 Tracks 4 Philippians"


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Volume 2, of the Scripture Mix-Tape series which combines a canvas of hip hop/urban music styles with dramatized narrations of each chapter of the Book of Philippians.  The sampler also features a collection of Psalms (1-10), produced by Ed Grice, the signature voice talent for Ephesians Six Ten Productions.  Check out samples at


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"The Six Beats of Ephesians"


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Ephesians Six Ten Productions, which is most known for providing audio production solutions, like radio commercials and audio for video production, now introduces a devotional resource that combines hip hop and urban music with a dramatized narration of the Book of Ephesians, titled "The Six Beats of Ephesians"The project utilizes a Mix-Tape approach, with radio style voiceovers and a variety of different hip hop and urban music styles as a canvas for each chapter of the Book of Ephesians.


Read by Ed Grice, the signature voice for Ephesians Six Ten Productions, who is a radio/broadcasting veteran with a vision for providing worship centered hip hop resources that reach beyond evangelism, to aid in discipleship, edification, and spiritual growth.   His contributions to Holy Hip Hop reach back to to the late 1980's with his work with pioneering holy hip hop group Apocalypse. After being honored by what is now known at the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards in 2002, a fire was kindled for the next level in holy hip hop ministry, "The Six Beats of Ephesians".


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The Six Beats of Ephesians - Narrated by Ed Grice

An Urban Dramatized Narration of Scripture

  1. Ephesians One

  2. Ephesians Two

  3. Ephesians Three

  4. Ephesians Four

  5. Ephesians Five

  6. Ephesians Six

  7. Six Beats Close

  8. (Psalm Extras) Psalm 24

  9. Psalm 30

  10. Psalm 31

  11. Psalm 32

  12. Psalm 33 & More